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Woods CrossCheck

Peace of mind, at your fingertips.

Check In

Check in with family and friends, from anywhere in the world, with the touch of a button.

Set Reminders

Set notifications that remind you when its time to check in on someone. Never miss a check in!

Keep a List

Creates a list of your regular check-ins to make sure you don’t miss anyone

Easy to Read

Put away those reading glasses, icons and notifications are simple and easy to read.


Keep Your Friends & Family Safe

Safety in Numbers

Check in on your loved ones, even if they’re on the other side of the world. Set reminders that work for both of you, and never miss a check in!

Everyone Accounted For

A check-on list allows you to easily make sure everyone on your list is safe and sound.

Simple, Readable, Easy

Clear, easily readable icons and text ensure that even your least tech-savvy relatives will have no problem checking in.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy. With everything in one place, you’ll always know that everyone you love is safe, and they can always reach you in case of an emergency.

How CrossCheck Works

Safety & Simplicity

  • 01
    Step 1 : Set up Check-Ins

    Pick a time that works for both of you, and you'll be reminded whenever its time to check in on someone. Everyone can have their own individual check-in time.

  • 02
    Step 2 : Send a Check-In

    With the push of a button send your loved one a notification. They will be prompted to respond and let you know that they are alright.

  • 03
    Step 3 : Peace of Mind

    Relax, knowing everyone is safe and sound.

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